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Angela Simmons: Center Of Attention (Video)

Well, first of all, honestly I didn't even know she had a song out, let alone shooting a video for it...& secondly uhm.............................yea, uhm, I know you mouth the words over the track while shooting a video BUT I think she over exaggerated the mouth movements a little too much...it's a cute video for her, & I'm loving the lil shameless plug of their "Pastry" line...lol but when she was in that closet posing did she NOT look like B.Scott? or was that just me???...

No Homo....

Okay, can people please, please, PLEASE stop using this ridiculous "no homo" tag on everything they post!?!?!?....Cam'ron or Juelz Santana, whoever made it up was gay for starting this lil phrase in the first place & THAT'S HOMO!...I hate hearing this with a passion, because personally I think if you have to say "no homo" as a disclaimer before and after you've said something ambiguously gay then you already knew what you were saying had all kind of homosexual context which 9 times out of 10 you probably really meant & you were just using "no homo" as a front. IMO that word is just a word invented where DL dudes can be gay in public and not receive the ramifications (LMAO, NO PUN INTENDED) of a gay dude....I've come to the realization that people say "no homo" more for themselves than for others, and that's just to reassure themselves of their masculinity and heterosexuality when saying things that, under other circumstances, they would not dare consider. But in all seriousness "no homo" is not funny by any means..it's played out, immature & asinine.

“There aren’t too many men that can go after Ray-J. The man’s got a huge meat okay. He’s short the man is packing know what I’m saying. He’s got length on him, he’s got length…I got the width, shit is wide. It’s just, he got a foot on him, he may have a foot on him. Much respect Ray. Man to man no homo. I know when respect is due…man is swanging. Ya’ll seen that shit, ya’ll know the man is swanging.” T-Pain

***(Oh yeah, and by the by, can people also PLEASE stop saying "that's wassup" after someone says something to them? because seriously tho people WHAT is wassup?!?! I still haven't figured it out yet and it bothers me even more when I ask "what's wassup?" & they retort "that"...honestly, just let it go....we didn't make fetch happen sooo let's just let these 2 sayings go already!)***


Poster Girl Badu

Erykah Badu is the poster girl for Tom Fords new fragrance "White Patchouli", this story broke back in February (I wasn't blogging then) but they weren't sure about the name of the fragrance, which I just stated earlier that it's called White Patchouli & I see why they chose her as the poster girl for it, because Patchouli (oil) was popular in the 60's & 70's and was mostly used by the free spirits & hippies some also use it to keep their dreads conditioned..others say it's used as an insect repellent....but at any rate, Badu looks great in the picture (i'm a sucker for black & white photos) I thought it was Eva Marcille (Pigford) at first.

Marge Simpson Dunks SB

these shoes are SUPER STUPID SICK, the color scheme is outrageously something I would wear. but it's sad to say that these shoes haven't been released in US yet, & no word on if they will be or not, they are only available in the asian market (which sucks monkeys ass!) but hopefully by the time they drop here the price will be reasonable!....

Smash or Trash? Jazmine Sullivan

"New Jazmine!"

Jazmine Sullivan-Lions & Tigers & Bears (Listen/DL)

I Love this song, she's basically talking about how she can conquer & face the most scariest & difficult things but she just can't bring herself to face the most simplest task and that's falling in love or giving in to love i've listened to this song like 10 times now & the two lines that stick out the most 2 me are "why do we love love when love seems to hate us" and "just cause i love you & you love me.it doesn't mean that we're meant to be" I thought she couldnt get any better than Resentment (HER VERSION) but I was wrong..this is my new fav. your thoughts?


Art? or Porn?

this is a positive way to use naked people


Solange Album Cover

The sophomore album cover for Mini B Sol-Angel & The Hadley St. Dream has hit the net.....I like it....it's different but yall KNOW a Knowels seed would NOT be caught dead standing in front of side road garbage like that, she was sooooo pasted there..think i'm lie'n...check out the lower part of the picture like by the legs & what not you'll see the pixelated areas & how her shadow doesn't cast on the ground nor the tuba 

Stupidity In The Work Place

Okay, these are the top 10 STUPIDEST questions I've been asked at work, & sometimes I'm too baffled to respond (this came about because I was asked 4 out of the 10 today)

1.) "Hey, are you busy?"
(uhm..lets see i'm sitting in front of the computer with papers on the desk AND in my lap..what do you think?!?!)

2.) "Are you about to go to lunch?"
(it's 12:00 & I'm walking towards the door with my keys.)

3.) "Are you making copies?"
(I swear I'm not just at the copy machine for my health.)

4.) "Hey, you at work today?"
(UHM HELLOOOOOO STUPID...did you NOT just see me clock in?)

5.) "You know how to work with computers?"
(DOUCHE WAD...dont I have the job?!?!?)

6.) You call the office and ask "Where you at?"
(uhm....where did you call?!?!?)

7.) "Can you come here for a second I've got a computer problem".....I walk in the office & their question is... "Where Can I go to listen to music online?" (uhm... shouldn't you be working?)

8.) "Oooh is it raining out there"
(do you NOT see me soaked holding an umbrella?)

9.) "Did you get that work I left for you?"
(uhm...isn't it gone off my desk??)

10.) "Hey guy, you still here?"
(did I NOT just walk by your office?!?!)


Rihanna: Disturbia (Video)

This is a very gothic video, & I love it!! Rihanna watching this video leads me to believe that she's headed for Madonna status because it seriously looks like something Madonna would've used to reinvent herself back in like the mid to late 90's....wasn't crazy about the song at first but the video makes me love it! I wonder who the choreographer was? because it looks like something Wade Robson would do.

I've Lost It.....

& no I'm not talking about my mind.....I'm talking about the gift of HTML coding, wtf is wrong with me?!?!? I can't remember the simplest of codes, like to place an image anywhere, to add scroll box, font styles..just UGH!!!! you see what happens when you stop using blackplanet & switch to myspace where everything is already laid out for you.... you get LAZY!! I seriously need a refresher course IMMEDIATELY!


Ryan Leslie gets Addicted

With his single "Diamond Girl" heating up the charts Ryan decided to take another stab at it and release another single from his forthcoming self titled album "Ryan Leslie" with the song featuring Cassie & Fabolous "Addicted" has been out for a good lil minute (but it's someones "new favorite" she knows who she is) AT ANY RATE....his album is slated to be released in September don't know the exact date, but will keep ya posted on that & the album cover once it's released. check out the the Addiction song.

Addicted (ft. Cassie) - Ryan Leslie

here's the remix with fabolous Ryan Leslie feat. Cassie & Fabolous- Addicted (Remix) (Listen/DL)

and checkout Ryan on Myspace at MYSPACE.COM/RYANLESLIE
or his Youtube channel at YOUTUBE.COM/RYANLESLIETV

Robin Thicke: Magic (Video)

this is my jont, like NO BULL!!!!!.....I effin love this song...Robin Thicke went hard on this track, I can't wait for the album to drop in September....people are talking about the whole space theme of the video but I like it....it kinda goes with the song to me...& plus it's a MAJOR upgrade from that When I Get You Alone video...soo Kudos 2 him.

Naked Juice

Okay, my home slice Deonte' posted about this a while back.....but I just so happen to run across a new flavor (at least it's new to me because i thought I tried them all) but this was one of THE GREATEST flavors because if you know me, you'll know that I LOVE anything cherry flavored (especially jolly ranchers & kool-aide) & pomegranate is my second favorite flavor, so this was like a 15.2 oz bottle of bliss, Cherry Pomegranate Power.....& to top it off, it's all natural *big grin* plus I bought the last one *bigger grin*...I drunk it before I could get home to take a picture of the bottle but yea, it looks like any other naked juice bottle, square shaped with a yellow label & yellow top.....greatest energy drink i've tasted to date!.....


Smash or Trash? Cassie

Cassie-Turn The Lights Off feat. Rico Love(Listen/DL)

Cassie-Over It(Listen/DL)

Two new tracks from Cassie.....they are both mediocre but if I would ride around listening to one it would have to be Over It, because the beat is fiyah!


Fonzworth Bentley-Everybody (VIDEO)

when I first saw it, I was like "what the hell he doing now!" but when I heard it man, I'm sitting over here & can't stop singing this song..this one kind of came out of nowhere....I'm digging it...I'm a fan of Andre' 3000 & Kanye sooooo of course im gonna love it & Sa-Ra a hip hop group produced the track...they are also in the video 2


Badu Speaks

Okay, I was kind of skeptical about posting this story because I saw it on MTO & we ALL know how their stories are majorly FALSIFIED, but then this morning I was replying to some of the forums on the erykah-badu.com message boards & came across a forum titled "Erykah rips okp for insults & rudeness"....the back story, there were a LOT of negative forums going around on the okp forum about Badu having 3 children by 3 different men.

me personally I don't think it's any of their business who this lady chooses to father her kids as long as she's taking care of them & the fathers are taking care of them 2, Like she's no different than one of their cousins doing the same thing, but she don't have them on child support & the kids are not taken care of by the system, so I think as long as she's providing for her children FINANCIALLY they have NO right whatsoever to talk. I loved her response & I think it was even funny on certain levels. It's a long reply so I don't want to post it here so if you want to read it,CHECK IT OUT HERE.


Smash or Trash? TRIPLE FEATURE

Ying Yang Twins-Big Booty Judy(Listen/DL)

I'm a fan of Ying Yang, (not a big one, but I don't change the station when they song come on the radio) but I'm really not feeling this song....It kinda sounds like the same beat to "Whistle While You Twerk" which I really don't need to hear more of...but you be the judge

Chris Brown-M.I.A.(Listen/DL)
Chris Brown-Fatal Attraction(Listen/DL)

I'm feeling these 2 tracks by Chris... especially the latter, you can tell that he's gotten his rocks off & is experiencing a REAL relationship with it's ups & downs like any other...shows that he is growing musically


...Because I Know It Made Me Who I Am

Today I was thumbing through my playlist on random shuffle & "Again" by Faith Evans started to play, this was & now that I've listened to it, still is my all time favorite song and I realized that because sooo many memories surfaced from my past like where I was as a person, & the company I kept, to my whole attitude and mindset which thankfully I can say has changed drastically and in some instances for the better. This was/is like my inspiration song & this will be my mantra for the remainder of '08 & '09.


Sweet Charity: Hey Big Spender

Sweet Charity is one of the best musicals ever known to man (IMO) & one of my MANY favorites with choreography by the late great Bob Fosse which was his first movie....if you look close you'll see the lady who played Theresa (the lesbo) in "The Women of Brewster Place". It also stars Shirley MacLaine as Charity Hope Valentine a hooker with a heart of gold whose really just looking to settle down with a good man & live a respectable life. There's also Sammy Davis Jr. in the ''Rhythm of Life'' sequence.

This number is suggestive to how she (Charity) perceives her life. (IMO)

Me & Mrs. Jones

Former ANTM contestant Toccara Jones magazine spread has hit the scene, I love Toccara she's Supabad & I wouldn't mind some of her McLovin but yall seriously have to back me up on this because yall know I'm right.... baby girl has lost waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to much weight to still be trying 2 carry those things around like that! that's gonna eventually lead to back problems, but these are just a few of my favorite pics from the shoot which was a 10 page spread.......

This one here (below) is a GREAT boobage shot, BUT her face is so dead!...I can hear Tyra in panel now "Toccara this is a beautiful picture & I wanted to believe the emotion you were trying to portray, but I just can't, this picture is fierce from the neck down, but you look so lost in the eyes, you know, you did this [*gives Toccara's facial expression*] when you should have been doing this....
[*gives SAME facial expression as Toccara's with wider eyes & a slit tilt to the head*]


No Air for the McFly's....

So like I seriously want to know why Nike is bull yanking the world?? everyone has been expecting these shoes McFly 2015 since FOREVER there's even been petitions to bring back the ORIGINAL shoes Marty McFly wore in "Back To The Future II" but we will be getting some "inspired" by the movie (pictured above) with same high section around the ankle & the grey color, they will also have "2015" on the tongues On a personal note I particularly don't care too much for the "inspired" shoes because they looking NOTHING like the real shoes McFly wore (pictured below) The shoes are to be released this summer, BUT where?... I don't know but I'll keep you posted... although I won't be buying them I'll save my money until 2015 (just in case they actually release the ORIGINAL shoes by McFly)


Spotted at the the YBF, Erykah Badu is expecting her third child, this-time-around with producer Jay Electronica (who shared the cover of Urb with her earlier this year). I wonder what she will name this one, either way the baby will join son Seven Sirius (Andre' 3000), and daughter Puma Rose (The D.O.C.).

I love Erykah for the simple fact she keeps it real & she keeps it in the art family with her romances, and you can’t say these children won’t grow up to be some of the most artistic, knowledgeable (on a whole 'nother lever) kids around.

Now yall be the judge this is a video from her concert when I went back in May, May 28th to be exact & she didn't look pregnant here.......

but if she is, hopefully she'll revert back to Baduizm & give us a Live album of the whole New Amerykah 4th World War..that would SERIOUSLY be the dopest EVER!

Check out a vid of the 2 @ The Urb magazine photoshoot:


When It's Time To Retire......



Okay i've been debating about posting this post but when I was awaken by a laugh & the name "Mr. Clean" I KNEW it was time to speak on it.....Why don't older people know when it's their time to retire?!?!?! I was out today & I decided to get a haircut before I went in for work, I go into the barber shop & I guess everyone else hasn't come in, SO the only person there is the owner & two more people in the back...but they had someone in their chairs so I asked the old man if he could get me in...he slowly gets up & takes his time getting out of the chair, he asked me how I wanted my hair & I told him a tappered & faded all over he says, "okay boss"....we had small talk about what I did for the 4th & how he spent his (while he was putting the robe over me & the lil neck thing) so he proceeds to start cutting.. Mind you now, he's the owner he knows what he's doing soo I wasn't worried about anything UNTIL he gets the side of my head & I see his arm moving kinda funny so I ask if he was alright (now he's old but he talks MAJOR shit) so he tells me "Yea nigga i'm fine!".....

So I'm like okay, I let him continue cutting.... then he grabs the razor (plays psycho theme) to line me up & I'm just sitting there with my eyes closed like "LAWD, PLEASE don't let this man do me like Ceily tried to do Mista"...& he starts to shave & it's like a lil wobble in the arm still & he gets by my ear & it's like hard swoops i'm just like "lawd I KNOW he done cut me!"...soo I get up out the chair, ask him how much I owe him, (I've never paid more than $13-$15 for a cut & shave but I only got a cut this time) & I knew he was finna try & get me because when he call out an outrageous price he NEVER looks @ you or your money He looks up @ the tv & he's like "aw, give me $20" & USUALLY I would argue but I aint feel like messing with the old man so I just gave him the twenty & left, went to work, had my hat on so I never really looked @ my hair...I leave work early (another blog) come home, look in the mirror & I'm like WTF?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Yall....I got patches of hair still on my head, I look like a Dalmatian....& where he lined me at you can see the light pink meat where he went too far back on my line, my head is SKINT! like, my hair hasn't been this low since my mom was telling my barber how to cut my hair when I was getting the bald fades...but this one is BALD all over & I paid $20 for this bull!!! I could've did this to myself for free.




*Editors Note*: I didn't name names because I don't want to call the old man OR the barbershop out like that.....but those in Jackson, MS know who I'm talking about that's the LAST TIME I'll ever go back there...EVER!

Jazmine Sullivan: Need You Bad (Video)

Okay, well those of you who know me know i LOVE this song its on like almost every cd in my car my day just doesn't go right if I don't listen to it....i'd say by the time i've gotten to where I need to be it will have played maybe 3-5 times...check it out...


Smash or Trash? Kenna

Kenna-Rockaway Life (Listen/DL)

If I'm not mistaken this is a new track off Kennas highly anticipated album "Indeed Make Sure They See My Face" a follow up to his 2nd album "Make Sure They See My Face" check him out on his myspace page MYSPACE.COM/KENNA

Smash or Trash? Day 26

Day 26-Can't Be Me (Listen/DL)

New single from Diddy's dudes, I don't know about this track, it sounds like it was something that was taken off the album, but I'm not really digging it..It might have to grow on me, Mike sounds bad on this song...all of them kinda do I don't know what yall think?

Teen arrested for making baby fly

Some people need to be put UNDER the jail for some of the things they do....This 16-year-old kid put up this video on YouTube, showing him using a pillow to launch an eight month old baby through the air. The child was left in the care of the family of the teen who was shooting the video.


Discover/Download: J.Davey-The Beauty in Distortion/The Land of the Lost

Okay, so I've been waiting on this Album since like the beginning of the year & they've done me DOUBLE the justice with their double disc album "The Beauty in Distortion/The Land of the Lost", this group gives me hope for the future of music, they're giving us something different, so different that we can't categorize them in a specific genre it's just GREAT music that every & anyone can relate to. Their album is featured at the #5 spot on iTunes, you should stop by & download it, or check your local record stores.... and check them out on their myspace page MYSPACE.COM/JDAVEY

Mr. Mister (Future Screw Remix) - J*DaVeY
Camera/Gangsta - JDavey
J*Davey - Touch It - J*Davey


Kaws x AF1's Hyperstrike

these shoes are DUMB FRESH!!!!....no word yet on when they are coming out in the U.S. or the price...but I will DEFINITELY keep ya posted on them!

Happy 4th of July/What-a-Melon!

Just wanted to stop by wish you all a Happy 4th of July...be safe, have fun...& since I didn't make it home to see my family (tear) bring me back a plate..lol.....no, i'm serious...

Watermelon......an aphrodisiac.....GET OUTTA HERE!...it has the same similarities as Viagra it relaxes the blood vessels (same as the pill to prevent erectile dysfunction). I did not know watermelon was used for so many things it's good for the heart, circulatory & immune systems...AND it was also used as a diuretic as a homeopathic treatment for kidney patients before dialysis came about(thats why u get the bg's once you finish eating it)



What the Yezzie?!?!

Okay, WTF's up with Amy Winehouse?!?!? like,she lost me as a fan when THIS VIDEO of her singing a racist song popped up on the net, but then she gets it IN for the dude Kanye...there is no real reason as to WHY Amy dissed Kanye during her set @ The Glastonbury Music Festival where she also tweaked out on a fan in the audience, but during her set she called Kanye West a "cunt" after she gave props to dudes boss (Jay-Z) she said she was glad Jay-Z was @ the festival & she doesn't know why they made such a big fuss about it (paraphrased)...then she goes on to say (her words not mine)....“Imagine if it was a cunt like Kanye West”.....and then to add insult to injury she says...."Cunts like Kanye' should be his next album title!”..WoOoOoOoOoOoW folx, What'd he ever do to her??? but ah well, what can ya say, what can ya do?

You Know What....(BBC LOOKBOOK)

It's here, It's here!!!!! Billionaire Boys Club & Ice Cream premiere their new Season 7 lookbook, I love the new line it's simple & with me (SOMETIMES) simple is everything, you can tell the line has matured from the previous Seasons with all the prints(diamonds & dollar signs). The new line features Cardigan sweaters, Blazers, Varsity Jackets & get this......bow ties check it all out HERE even previous seasons

(Editors Note**I love the website, this is a whole new way to look at magazines online & it's super fun :D**)

That New Badu?

Badu spoke briefly about her second album when I went to see her in concert this past May stating that it would be out this July, then she went on to say "But I'm not here to sell that album I'm here to promote my new album New Amerykah" & she ripped it from there... Well, I know it's only early July but dang when am I going to hear something on it, a promo poster a myspace bulletin SOMETHING...I'm feenin' for it

Rumor has it that “Return of the Ankh” (the 2nd installment to the "4th World War" compilation) is to be accompanied by a USB stick which Badu says will include extras ranging from footage of concerts, to commentary on the recording process and “me in the bathtub with Flavour Flav” [gotta love her sense of humor(I HOPE!)] - “I wanted to give away my materials…It’s about sharing, and that’s why I like this system”.

Either way tho, I'm super psyched about this new album because "New Amerykah Part 1: 4th World War” is probably one of my favorite albums @ the momentI don’t really understand people who don’t love it, I think it’s not only one of Badu’s best efforts but also one of the most creative albums I’ve heard in a long time. She’s too dope!

OH! & since her weed papers are coming out this July too, I wonder if that's going to be included with the album?!?!


Hotstylz-Yo Mama(Listen/DL)

I know, I know....In journalism you're not suppose to be bias & what not, but FUGG THAT! I'm blogging & these dudes gets no option to smash or trash I decided to trash this one myself..... So like they are serious, right? they are like the midwest D4L, WTF has become of the hip-hop/rap genre?!?!? I thought that they were just going to use that "Lookin Ass Nigga" song with Yung Joc just to put they name out there & then come with something harder but when I hear this shit! rapped over the Jeopardy theme c'mon bruh! they a fukin joke..like, fa real, plz tell me they kidding


Tech Talk: HTC Touch Diamond

HTC is ready to amaze the inner geeks of the world by launching their new smartphone called the HTC Touch Diamond. The design will attract you as soon as you lay eyes on it. The Diamond has a sleek and glossy look, together with smooth edges to make it a joy to handle.

A large 2.8-inch VGA screen dominates the front panel, while its soft keys and a special scroll wheel/D-pad combo cover the rest of the surface. This D-pad consists of hardware keys which can accommodate 5 functions simultaneously, plus one touch sensitive pad for zooming in with images, HTML documents and messages. The smartphone also includes an obligatory music player.

(Editors Note** this is phone is like A-MAH-ZING, this has the instinct & the iphone beat by soo much more, though I haven't had the chance to fully play with the Diamond hands on I know as of now the iphone has one ups on it because it has the hieroglyphic text messaging but maybe the Diamond has something way better**)

Smash or Trash? Rico Love


New track by Rico Love, dude is amazing at what he does(He wrote one of THE hottest songs off the "Confessions" album "Throwback"). His lyrics are crazy and his beats are ridicously infectious. I'm ready for to release an album!! Anyways, the track is called "Bad Ass" and I hope ya'll like it..EnjoY!

Smash or Trash? Solange


Surprisingly I like this song, Solange is really making an effort to step out of the mangled weaved shadows of her big sister Beyonce.. Judging from other tracks that have leaked this album really has something going for itself, I just wish the same could've been said for her debut album "Solo Star" but that's a thing of the past. her new album Sol-Angel and the Hadley Street Dreams is scheduled to be released in August '08, but you know how that goes. Can't wait for this album