A Letter To A Younger Me

Dear Jeremy,

You're 13 and I'm sure you're probably wondering "who is this, and how the fuck does this perv know how old I am?" Well, its your future self. I know what you're going through and let me tell you, IT'S GONNA BE OKAY! You don't speak much, mainly because you're shy, but also because I think you have too much to say that people just won't understand, but I have some great news. They don't need to! as long as eventually you do. Yes, you are weird, accept it, embrace it NOW because you will feel bad for not doing so. You are beginning to lose your innocence now and cursing like a $2 house whore, so for those that feel a certain a way about how you talk, act, dress, or even the music you listen to feel free to bless them with a sarcastic FUCK YOU! Be proud of yourself at all times, because even though at some points you'll want to break, you will do well, you really will. There'll be a few years where it'll get to you, and I can't deny you the truth about that. It will hurt, and you'll do some stupid things, but you'll smile again I promise you. Just keep looking forward, don't let people hold you back no matter how hard they try to break you.

I know it's too late to warn you because you've already started a relationship with someone you think is your world and I'm pretty sure you two have already had sex, I know everything seems so right when y'all are together but end it NOW, you will have serious problems in the near future around your first year of high school it's a whirlwind of jealousy but you being the hard headed little shit you are, you're not going to listen & choose to see for yourself. It will make you a very dark and evil person, learn the lessons from this "love", but also learn to accept real love, it's important.

I know you have your heart set on going to Howard University...bad news...YOU'RE NOT GOING! (MOM WON!) but that's fine you'll make a home at Jackson State University and you'll have some amazing friends! and one that's very fake, but please don't change your major stick with your first choice of Advertising no matter how mad the department will make you (and they will). Know that your family is awesome, especially Mom you two are like bestfriends and that bond is going to grow even tighter. I know you and your brother are ALWAYS at war but he's just trying to make you stronger for the real world, your relationship will get closer when you leave for school. Spend more time with your grandpa, memorize his laughter, his strong yet gentle touch, and the way he looks at you like a dear child. His fatherly love will be a great fountain of warmth you’ll always go back to when times become hard and wearisome.

Most importantly you have an amazing, artistic soul in you, explore it and express it very well. When things get tough, pick up a pen and just let go. I promise, it works!

The ONLY acceptable requirement for the affection of another human being is that you BE YOURSELF


Kid Cudi: Make Her Say (video)

Man, if this song aint MY SHIT...idk what is!...the Lady GaGa sample was just the right fit to tie off this track....3 of the hottest MC's that make you ponder what they spit on.....pure HAWTNESS.....like Kid Cudi said he's taking one giant step for all weird kind! gotta love it!


5 Must Have Spring/Summer Kiqks PAR DEUX


05. The Vans Era has a classic old school style, a canvas upper with subtle branding on the outside and a double stitched vamp. It also has a traditional gum rubber outsole with a vulcanised sole attachment.

04. The Nylon Everybody Mid Parachute Sneaker features a a checkerboard pattern, except that half of the contrast has been removed. The effect is something of a grid of coloured squares laid atop a black base. Available in green, blue and red.

03. The Rocco Sneaker features a low top madras print flannel upper, gold leather tongue and gold laces. With soft leather lining and rubber sole. By Creative Recreation.

02. Supra Muska Skytop--The Muska Skytop in TUF Green features a tough military green canvas upper, with some perforations on the toebox, green laces, a padded tongue, an enamel logo detail at the heel loop, a black fabric interior lining, an orange midsole, and a vulcanized rubber sole.

01.These are the leather high tops in the Marc by Marc Jacobs 2009 fall/winter collection I know these are suppose to be spring/summer BUT these shoes are soo tight that I couldn't help posting them they're nothing like the converse btw but retail they run $379


Well, I'm here spending time with the fam bam....have a happy and safe 4th of July........ I know I am...and my holiday song?...............
none other than the one and only Chuck Brown-Block Party i LOVE LOVE LOVE this song!


Soulja Boy [DONT] Tell Em

Look at THIS bull shit...Ms. Soulja Boy went off on Twitter last night about the industry...nigga how DARE you criticize the rap game and you are the one who destroyed it.....I guess when yo album sales aint doing good you blame the people that helped you get all the money.....you talking about it's not all about the money but yet and still you do videos of you throwing money....the rap game aint the same no more because of you...and I hope you and yo lil butt wife Bow Wow are honestly thinking about giving the rap game up..AND YO LIVES TOO FOR THAT MATTER..BAOW!
[click pic to read full rant]


Happy Birthday 3rdBrane

Happy Birthday 3rdBrane, today my blog turns 1....I've been blogging [off and on] for one year...and people ask why do I still do it if I don't get a lot of traffic, well I do it because it eases my mind! I have a few faithful readers they just choose not to comment. I used to get questions about why call it 3rdBrane well ORIGINALLY this was suppose to be a featured blog with myself and to of my bestfriends we're all Mass Comm majors and we were just going to write about topics that were of inerest to us, it was going to be coming from 3 Brains with the physics meaning of 'brane' and combined to birth 3rdBrane BUT...they snooty asses didn't have time for it so it was left to me [they still read it] So, I just use it as a platform to speak on those things that interest ME and it's MY take on music, fashion and whatever happens to cross my mind.

sooooooo yea, that was random but @ any rate...... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!



Letoya Luckett-She Aint Got Shit On Me (Video)

This is a pretty hot video, I always thought this should've been her first single...but then I actually listened to the lyrics of "Not Anymore" and kinda understood why they chose it. HOT VIDEO, Letoya showing these hoes that you CAN step out of Beyonce's shadow and be relevant...me likey! ALBUM IN STORES AUGUST 25TH [UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE]