Coonery in the House of Reps

uhm WHY would they even allow Hurricane Chris to step into the House of Representatives? let alone perform the "Halle Berry" song?...now Hurricane Katrina made our [Louisiana] judicial system look like a joke but this shit right here totally takes the cake!.....must've been a REAL slow day in politics....they honored a half ass rapper who speaks about sex, drugs, & violence...is THIS what you think represents MY LOUISIANA? because it doesn't!. this shit pisses me off to no end I'm done!.... here's the video of this coonery

his grandma is the lady in the green and is a State Representative from Shreveport.....THIS is why this type of shit gets praises...do that shit in shreveport NOT the state capitol


5 Must Have Spring/Summer Kiqks

These are 5 out of 10 of the hottest kicks this spring/summer[IMO]check in two weeks for the other top 5!

10. Gravis: The Transit Sneaker: Features a cotton interior lining, a perforated grain leather toe-box panel, nubuck side & tongue panels, a wax-coated toe & heel tab panel, a nylon ankle panel, lime green accenting, and a rubber sole.

09. Nike Terminator High (Grey/Black/Blue): The upper is composed of heather grey jersey with black tape accenting across the toe box.

08. Nike Skateboarding (SB)[July 2009 Release]: These almost resemble Deck shoes, only with a thicker sole this pair host a white sole with taupe/nubuck upper and light grey strings.

07. Nike Blazer Mid ND [Spring 2010 Preview]: medium grey mesh upper with pink inner lining and a white mid-sole.

06. Nike SB Blue Lobster Dunks [Released Saturday June, 20]: This pair hosts a blue upper accented by neon yellow laces, a white tongue and a light blue sole.


Tiny Teeth of Terror!

IDK if I've told anybody this but grown ass men and women who still look like they got their baby teeth and have HUGE ass gums are a tad bit spooky to me. and its like they are ALWAYS the ones with a damn smile on they face! Ugh that shyt just makes my skin crawl ugh! gimmie the heebie jeebies!!!!

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Beyonce- Broken Hearted Girl (Video)

There's been ALOT of people hating on BEYONCE for doing a whole black & white series of videos but I say kudos to her! I'm all for being different and artistic non conformity I love it! if you know me I love everything B&W from photos to movies..it makes everything look sleek, chic, & classic!


Black Eyed Peas:The E.N.D.

I am totally in love with this album!! Lisening to it I've completed 6 projects! It's sooo euro & electro dance pop with a little hip hop and r&b thrown in. My standout tracks would have to be "Imma Be"; "Meet Me Halfway" which sounds like something Madonna would've recorded in the 80's....& "Electric City" when I heard Fergie say "bitches on my dick (oh no) they on my dildo"...I was in LOVE!!! This is electro pop brilliance...& I love the sound. Album is in stores Tuesday June, 9th The E.N.D.(Energy Never Dies)
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Money Talks, Love Walks

We've all heard it before, the lonely millionaire man who has everything except that one thing that would make all the other things worthwhile-- a companion! That's suppose to be the purpose of "The Millionaire Matchmaker". Basically the show parades 15 or so girls in front of two Millionaire men in a mixer type of setting and they let the men talk to the women to see which two they will connect, they tell their two to Patti and she sets up the dates from there where she gives her "rules of the night" they aren't allowed to have sex, no discussions of religion, politics and money (which she's already told the women the mens worth) .

Patti [the host] looks through pictures of female prospects, & openly disrespects these women making fun of them & saying how some girls aren't attractive enough for her service but, she looks like an Italian man in bad drag and she's not even married!

This show bothers me because she advertises and tries to sell the mens networth instead of other qualities and who they are as a person. You can't base true love on a dollar amount especially in situations such as this [reality tv] for one, its hard getting out there to date and then to mix a camera in with it you start to question if she's really with you for you are or for what's in your bank account and 15 minutes of fame.

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