Who The Fuck is B.o.B?

Some of yall may know B.o.B. from his first hit single "Haterz Everywhere" and others may know him from the underground mixtape circuit with 4 of them thangs under his belt and the most recent one being "Who The Fuck Is B.o.B?" I honestly think for dude to be so young he's super talented, he produces, writes, raps, arranges, & mixes his own stuff....to me, he's like on Andre 3000 level lyrically & mentally (that's who everybody thought was singing his new track "I'll Be In The Sky") WHICH IS MTV Jams: JAM OF THE WEEK check out the "I'll Be In The Sky" video. & Also check him out on the cover of the XXL magazine "Hip Hop Class of 2009" featuring 10 of the hottest new artist to look out for in 2009


My New Haven?

Okay, yall know I'm a whore for a fresh & unique pair of kicks right? WELL!!!! I found a site where I can be one & not be judged for it MYAIRSHOES.COM I just found out about them literally this morning when I got an e-mail from Kat who I think is the site moderator.....& I was totally won over by the denim Terminators (pictured above) now I'm not a wearer of Terminators but they do have some phresh kicks so maybe these will be my first pair?...... MYAIRSHOES.COM delivers news, info, and release dates on shoes and lets you check out people who customize their own shoes... Check out MYAIRSHOES.COM and tell them I sent ya....I'm sure you'll run into me on there


Smash or Trash? Ciara

Ciara ft. Young Jeezy- Never Ever (Listen/DL)

I kinda like this song, & I can't wait for her album to come out since they were talking about it's suppose 2 be a 3-Disc album with album called "Groove City" with songs like this one and "Crunktown" I guess that "Go Girl" will be on that disc and the final disc is called "Kingdom of Dance"....they've said it's suppose to be released on January 27th and I've been waiting on it since the 9th of December and I'm very impatient @ times so I'm praying that this album isn't a big disappointment I mean with 3 disc she better be talking about something if not....she better be pulling a rabbit out of her ass on the album insert!