Happy New Year!!

Approaching us is a new year. a year like all the others full of possibility. a year hopefully i can figure out how i break free from the same road i have traveled down so many times. i know as well as my heart knows i am the driver of this car that I call life that seems to lose control with one song on the radio that apparently my ears didnt understand how to process causing my hands to lose grip and for the shell i'm sitting in to crash. realizing that even with a seatbelt and airbags you still suffer the bruises and pain from being shaken up the only way a head on collision can do.

A new year calls for new changes, make all yours positive in 2009, leave all the negative people behind because with change comes a new attitude & you don't want those people around clouding your better judgement also we need to start humbling ourselves because the lord giveth and he taketh away... Happy New Year, have a safe & prosperous one.


Year End Fashion Faux Pas

So, This year is coming to a close and the reason I'm writing this post is because I'm tired of my uhm....... plus size brothers & sisters (I was trying to find a word to use besides fat so I wouldn't be anatomically offensive and hurt feelings) trying to dress with the latest trends....knowing DAMN WELL that the outfit they have on doesn't go with their body types, now mind you, I'm a big dude too....so I'm not trying to ostracize the Chubby Community... but, I do know what looks good on me and what I can & can't wear....you will NOT catch me in J Crew buying t-shirts that looks like I went searching through my Jr. High wardrobe...with that being said.

My fellow hefties, can you please do me a favor and find your own style especially for those females who have extra meat like around their thigh, knee, and calf region PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!!! stay away from that whole tights and skinny jeans phase please, because it seriously looks like two big christmas hams stuffed in a grocery bag. b.t.w. don't do the whole belted shirt thing if your stomach is big because it looks like your stomach is eating your belt also invest in a girdle there's no harm or foul in wearing one...and a pair of spanx they both tuck and lift and gives you a nicer silhouette and gives the illusion you have curves.

Big dudes, don't think I forgot about yall because I didn't!! you need to find a medium between wearing clothes that are too tight and clothes that are waaaay to big it makes you look extremely slouchy....if you have man boobs and you KNOW they stick out why put on just a wife beater? Serioulsy, throw a t-shirt on over it. PLEASE stay away from leather blazers and please stay clear of tucking your t-shirts and shirts in alll the way especially if your a "dunlap" which means your belly "done lapped" your jeans.....boot cut jeans? GROSS and can we stay away from flipped collars for those big dudes who have no neck because you look like a turtle in it's shell.....

If you feel that this message is in error or I have somewhat offended you then you my friend are the culprit and need a DRASTIC change for 2009