Electrik Red

Who is Electrik Red you ask?......Well, just think if Vanity 6 and En Vogue got into a lesbian love affair and conceived....Electrik Red would be their love child. Comprised of Sarah, Binkie, Lesley and Naomi If you don't know of them and you think they look familiar that's because they do!!...They've been in your some of your favorite videos from "Sensual Seduction" to "Shawty is a 10" and now it's their turn to step out from background as show pieces and get fore front status.... I've been in love with these chicks since their first single "Drink In My Cup" hit the air waves sadly that single didn't get much radio play..but their debut album will be hitting the shelves this tuesday May 26, 2009 and I know I will be stopping by the music store to pick it up AND purchasing it on iTunes (they usually give you something extra).....I hope you do the same

OH....& check out their BLOG & also peep their MYSPACE page