Beyonce Single Ladies AMA Performance

I think this was like the best performance of the night......& it's good 2 see she brought the dance who was cuttin up in the video....(the chick who everybody think's is a dude)...but, at any rate..enjoy...


SexEd 101: For Novice Sake

So, like, uhm, yea…..idk wassup with my friends thinking I’m their sex therapist….I’m neither Dr. Drew nor Dr. Sue so when I give you advice I give it from what I’ve read, what I’ve saw and what I’ve done…so don’t blame me if I tell you to try something and your partner don’t like it….I mean if she don’t like face shots and he don’t like you to play in his ass right before he ejaculates sounds like a problem the 2 of you should discuss together!.....I mean don’t come at me after it’s done & tell me she’s mad at you because some of your kids got in her eye by mistake….like I said that’s between you 2!

Communication is key in a relationship in every aspect ESPECIALLY when it comes to both of yall getting yall rocks off, so if yall don’t talk about what you both like and don’t like during intercourse then 9 times out of 10 you’re setting yourself up for bad..HORRIBLE sex…and I know you’re thinking that “if I say what I want then sex is gonna seem planned or rehearsed” BUT, it doesn’t have to be that way, you can explain what you want before sex, it doesn’t make you a freak and its definitely not taboo to talk sex before you actually have it, honestly I think it should be a requirement…you can’t be a prude when it comes to having a mind blowing sexperience. Sex should be a sporadic concept, mix it up…don’t do the same thing over and over if you start with 4 play then oral then straight to the nitty gritty ALL THE TIME it get’s a bit predictable start with something different hell start from the end to the beginning see how that one works

Me personally, I’m no novice....no sexpert either…I like to play pretend so I have a few characters in my head that come out on occasions…..(no I’m NOT schizo).
I’m all about making love (yes there’s a BIG difference in sex & love making) to your favorite slow jams but I think you haven’t had it good until you’ve done it 2 rap music I like to call it “gangsta fuck” & sometimes it’s required for me because I tend to get off track & sing the songs that’s playing…sooooo yea rap music works best 4 me (you shouldn’t go trying this with out your partners consent).

Basically I said all that to say this, if you hear something interesting that you want to try talk it over with your partner if they don’t like it try to reach a compromise but don’t just slip something new on them and expect them 2 like it, next time before you have sex, hold it off for a week and yall just talk about yall likes & dislikes in sex and see if it’s anything like the first time, or better…

EDITORS NOTE: I know there are some who claim “I can put it down” so for you who do claim that, this is not for you..this is specifically for the beginners well not actually beginners but the inexperienced ones who THINK they’re doing a good job but really aren’t & no one wants to hurt their feelings & tell them their not.


Welcome To My Life.....

Do you know what it feels like to feel as though everyone around you is living life in motion and you're standing completely still? Well, that kinda sums up what's been going on with me.......let's see, I have a very small circle of friends which has been dwindling down these past couple of months but it's like when I'm around them I always feel out of place, it's like I'm in there company but I feel alone (idk if you understand but w/e, continuing...) like I don't belong. I'm usually at school and work and I don't really converse with people there either and from school I'm home so most of my days are spent at home all day on the computer or watching tv bored out of my mind while everybody else is out there enjoying life........

No you don't know what it's like 
When nothing feels all right
You don't know what it's like 
To be like me

I guess you can call it a PP (personal problem) because I don't really have a hankering to go out and socialize with the people that i live around or on campus because we have absolutely nothing in common! I've always been the "different" child growing up sort of the loner...I had a close small group of friends but they were just school friends when i got home it was my cousin and I & I was older so it was like what I like, but that started to change but IDK what i'm trying to say....  
To be hurt To feel lost 
To be left out in the dark
To be kicked when you're down 
To feel like you've been pushed around

I guess I'm just having one of those days and this song/video by Simple Plan describes what I'm going through...  
To be on the edge of breaking down 
And no one's there to save you 
No you don't know what it's like
Welcome to my life....



the two people who were in front of me they were there @ 6
I am soooooo happy today, I'm living in something that I thought I could've only read in History book.....I woke up very early @ 5:00 this morning to get ready to stand in line @ the poll, I made it there at about 6:00 and went and joined the other 2 people who were standing in front of me...and as time went on a few more started pulling in and saying good morning and laughing and telling jokes..and this is my first time in a long time seeing my people woke this early in the morning and HAPPY about it....which made me feel even better!

waiting in line...didn't have my ipod grrrr

But with happiness comes the devil, now at my polling place ever since I've voted there for the past 4 years I've always voted from the back door of the school...even if I came in the front door, they would ask me to walk across the hall & go wait in line by the back door so I can give my name & all the other stuff now everybody else seemed to have known the rules too because they were in line @ the back doors..

Polls opened at 7:00 pm sharp after the poll workers said their prayers (which i was happy and surprised to see) and they let us in the backdoor in and went opened the front door & told them they have to walk outside through the backdoor to wait in line which at that time were only 15-20 people maximum so it shouldn't have been a problem.

but NOOOOOOOOOO little miss fugee wanted to turn into Angela Davis and start a 4 woman revolution with the other 3 women who were behind her in line telling the poll manager (who was an older lady) that "I can't believe this shit, (mind you we vote in an elementary school) I've never had a problem like this, we always come through that door to vote" so the poll manager still trying to remain civil told her "sweetie, please don't do this, this is a historical moment for us, please don't mess it up" which little miss fugee and her mignons replied "The damn moment messed up when you told me to go wait in another line to vote"

That really really really upset me because for 1 it's a small polling precinct and it has never had a high volume of voters at one time so that was a surprise to the poll workers as well, but little miss fugee and her hyenas seemed like they were outside plotting what they would say if somebody said the wrong thing to them this morning.

I VOTED TODAY!!!!!!!!!!

BUT WITH ALL THAT BEING SAID...I VOTED BRIGHT AND EARLY THIS MORNING, THE THIRD PERSON IN LINE AND TO CAST MY VOTE AND I FELT A SENSE OF RELIEF that's why I decided to post this video of a song I think is fitting for today and I think it's something we're all hoping for, A Better Tomorrow.....