Fraudulent Life

So, I was on the phone chatting with an old "friend" the other day and we were discussing our "10 year plan" the conversation just came up out of nowhere, and I don't know if this is just me but personally I've never been the type to plot my life out on paper, it just makes me feel compelled to follow that plan and sometimes you have to venture off course for something better. Well, we had the same 10 year plan and he told me last night that he copied it from me when we had to write a paper on it back in high school (even though I really hated to do it, it was for a grade.)

I was shocked because that's like you're stealing my future and I don't know how I should take that, because I was seriously surprised, like that's what built our "friendship" because we had so much in common and, my plans changed from jump, but not for the better, after high school I was suppose to attend Howard University, got accepted and everything but my mom and dad shot down all of my top 5 choices for Universities because I was "too young, to be so far away from home."

I thought he never got accepted to Howard, because he never mentioned it to me after I said I couldn't go, he was stuck on his second choice, Grambling (which was sooo NOT in my plans, I had to get out of my state!) but after last nights conversation I'm a bit touched/pressed because he's living out my plan, I found out that he actually did get accepted to Howard and he's graduated with the degree I'm seeking, he's done an internship with a great company like, I've been trying to get to DC since I turned 20, but my credits wouldn't transfer and I did NOT wanna start from square one all over again.

But, my question is what to do when someone copies your life's dreams? should I accept it as a form of adulation and move on? or, should I question his moral standards?. Like, is that even ETHICAL?!?!?!


SMASH or TRASH-NKOTB feat. New Edition

New Kids On The Block feat. New Edition- Full Service(Listen/DL)

Wow!!!! out of all my years of living I would've NEVER expected this collaboration. New Kids on The Block & New Edition uhm, again WOW! what can I say, the song sounds like something they would've done back in the mid '90's & because I was (keyword was) a teeny-bopper then I probably would've loved it (i.e. Jordan Knight's Give It To You) but *deep sigh* it's sad to say, this track falls short with me, but hey, people will do anything to make a comeback. You check it out and be the judge, I've spoken my peace.. hope I wasn't too brash... so now you decide..


'I Miss You'

As some of you may know, I'm a huge Aaliyah fan, & seven years ago today Aaliyah was killed in a small plane crash after take off from the Bahamas. here are just a few of my favorite songs/videos by her:


Michelle Williams-Unexpected

(zip download)

This is Michelle's third solo studio project which she decided to venture off more into the secular field giving us a hoard of contemporary/pop/dance tracks, Michelle describes the album as a "dance-euro-club-pop type of album" which you can hear all through her first single "We Break The Dawn" which is produced by Wayne Wilkins and Andrew Frampton, who co-write the song with Solange, with other production collaborations from Jim Jonsin, Rico Love, The Heavyweights, Soulshock and Karlin, and Stargate.

Although the album does fall into ballad territory, but that's not a bad thing. In fact, "The Greatest," an anthematic slower-paced jam, is one of the best tracks on the album, showcasing Michelle's upper-range vocals and offering romance-ridden lyrics.

The album ends with the inspiring "Too Young for Love," a powerful conclusion that features some electric guitar shredding and big-sounding studio drums. It's a sweet closer for Unexpected, which, to steal inspiration from its name, is an unexpectedly delightful pop confection from a traditionally gospel solo singer. Michelle has proven that she can do pop-&-b as well as, if not better than, her DC sisters, but also turns that style into her own strain of electro-dance. It's a good "debut" from a veteran artist, one that continues to impede expectations by taking chances.

Standout Tracks: Hello Heartbreak; Private Party; Hungover; Too Young For Love

B-Side Tracks: Stop This Car; Unexpected

Next Single: The Greatest


Solange- Sandcastle Disco (Video)

So, like uhm again...I know i'm Solo'n yall out BUT I can't help it...I'm loving the direction she's taking musically... like I seriously can't wait until her album drops next week because I will be @ the mom & pop shop picking it up... this her second video to her official second single Sandcastle Disco I like it, I think it's cute, different and uuber retro which I've noticed a lot of artist are starting to go that route.....I just hope they don't begin to over popularize it though, because the industry can make us soooooooo tired of a certain thing (i.e. Hype Williams with the videos being in widescreen mode)..but @ any rate check out the video.....


Musiq Soulchild- Radio (Video)

Maaaaaaan I LOVE this song, totally unexpected coming from Musiq but the beat is hot..... but it looks like Musiq ain't the "Soulchild" he once was...he has succumb to conformity with that whole Mo-Hawk thing (which btw is PLAYED OUT!) but none the less..the video is hawt, the song is hawt & it has my baby mama in the video Tanisha Scott (oooo she can get it!). but, uhm, yea... my bad, kinda got carried away. at any rate if this is his first single I can't wait to see what his album sounds like because urrr uhmm..... i think the neo-soulers would be sooooo disappointed if its nothing like his other work (but hey, I love to see an artist take risk and make changes).


"Penitentiary Philosophy"

Wow, it's August already, this year is ALMOST over & I still hadn't done any of my resolutions (that's another reason why I hate making them) but I was reading "Who Moved My Cheese" for like the ump-teenth time, & out of all of my times reading the book, I've always read "The Story Before The Story" then "The Story" but I've never read "The Discussion". I've always taken something from the story after I've read it but I decided to go ahead and read the WHOLE book yesterday, & I took soo much more than I expected to take.

I came to the realization that some of the people in my life are Hem's and though I love them dearly, I think the only thing that's right for me to do is to go on in my life's "maze" and find my own "cheese", I know that sounds like I'm being mean & unfriendly but after trying to be a friend for soooooo long, you kind of get tired of trying to help because it starts to get you caught in their same mind frame, and tho it's not the fear of change that holds me back, it's more of the thought of losing a confidant and learning to trust new people because I'm kind of shy but outspoken on some aspects.

All and all, this book has asserted me to make those changes in my life when I think of them & don't just leave them lingering as thoughts and also try not to be so afraid of what's to come after they've been made because I've learned that I can whether the storm, it's just the calm before it that makes me apprehensive. But I guess it's time I leave some people behind with their silly hang-ups because it's becoming more & more obvious that they are not trying to travel the maze, but stay in comfort waiting for their cheese to come back or nibble off others cheese.......
I've realized my cheese has been taken, now I'm on a journey to get my shyt back so I can make it through that maze happy and satisfied for those who I'm leaving behind I won't forget you, but the writing is on the wall....read it and take heed to it, because it WILL help you out in the long run.

**EDITORS NOTE: If it seems as though I'm rambling I do apologize, but, I was kinda typing this in a rush.**


Smash or Trash? Solange

Solange-Fuck You (Signed Sincerely) (Listen/DL)

okay I know I must be Sol Angel'n y'all out BUT I effing LOVE this song.....the chick seriously came on this one because I know where she's coming from...this track is SERIOUSLY smash worthy for me! So I guess there's trouble on Hadley Street, wonder if they messed with her album release date....

SIDE BAR: I know i've been gone for a minute but that's another blog in itself but I will be back soon just going through some thangs right now & I don't really have the time to post daily like I want....but I will be back.... I just HAD to share this cut with yall...deucez & holla!


Trina: Look Back At Me (Video)

Woooooooooow I can't believe this was the third single.....I thought she would've picked something a little less uhm, vulgar for radio/video play even though this IS my ish off the album but making a video for it with all the bleeps and stuff takes away from the video/song..I think she should've did an underground one or an online one and kept all the smut as is.....